Piccolo Admin

Piccolo Admin is a powerful admin interface / content management system for Python.


It was created at a design agency to serve the needs of customers who demand a high quality, beautiful admin interface for their websites. It’s a modern alternative to tools like Wordpress and Django Admin.

It’s built using the latest technologies, with Vue.js on the front end, and a powerful REST backend.

Some of it’s standout features:

  • Powerful data filtering

  • Builtin security

  • Media support, both locally and in S3 compatible services

  • Dark mode support

  • CSV exports

  • Easily create custom forms

  • Works on mobile and desktop

  • Use standalone, or integrate it easily with ASGI apps like FastAPI, and Starlette

  • Multilingual out of box

  • Bulk actions, like updating and deleting data

  • Flexible UI - only show the columns you want your users to see


Try it online in read-only mode (username: piccolo, password: piccolo123).

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