Piccolo Admin has built-in language translations for easy internationalization.

By clicking on the icon in the menu, the user can change their language, and UI will be translated accordingly.


Default language

By default, the user’s language is detected from the web browser using the navigator.language JavaScript API.

You can explicitly set the default instead. For example, if we know all of our users are French speakers, we can explicitly set French as the default.

admin = create_admin(..., default_language_code="fr")

Available languages

To see all of the languages that we support, see piccolo_admin/translations/


More languages ​​will be supported in the future. Pull requests are welcome.

You can create your own translations using the Translation class.

By default, all of the languages we have translations for are made available in the dropdown in the UI. However you can reduce the number of options, if you know your users only require certain languages.

from import ENGLISH, FRENCH

admin = create_admin(..., translations=[ENGLISH, FRENCH])