Source code for piccolo_admin.translations.models

import typing as t

from pydantic import BaseModel, Field

class TranslationListItem(BaseModel):
    language_name: str = Field(description="e.g. 'English'")
    language_code: str = Field(description="e.g. 'en'")

class TranslationListResponse(BaseModel):
    translations: t.List[TranslationListItem]
    default_language_code: str = Field(description="e.g. 'en'")

[docs]class Translation(BaseModel): """ Used to provide translations in the UI. :param language_name: A human readable representation of the language. For example ``'English'``. :param language_code: The `IETF language tag <>`_. For English it is ``'en'``. However, it also allows us to specify dialects like ``'en-US'`` for American English, or ``'en-GB'`` for British English. :param translations: A mapping of English words / phrases to their translated form. For example:: Translation( language_name='Portuguese', language_code='pt', translations={ 'Welcome to': 'Bem-vindo ao', ... } ) """ # noqa: E501 language_name: str language_code: str translations: t.Dict[str, str]